Survey for Live Event Captioning/Speech to Text

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Please complete a global survey being conducted as part of a live event speech-to-text/captioning project of the International Federation of Hard of Hearing People (IFHOH) and the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD). The goal is to improve live event/speech-to-text captioning at international events including those sponsored by the United Nations.

The provision of live-event/speech-to-text captioning involves the transmission of information on a visual display by a captionist/text provider. Live events refers to all sorts of live, in-person events such as meetings or conferences, the classroom, the workplace or ceremonies. The captions may be seen on a large screen, a separate large TV monitor, a smart tablet (such as iPad) or personal computer.

Different terms are used for the provision of text of verbal content in a live event situation. The survey will here on use the term captioning/speech-to-text to refer to this service.

The survey will provide information to enhance our understanding of the state of live event captioning from users’ perspectives and to aid in planning any next steps for advocacy and inclusion.

The survey is intended to be completed by persons who use captioning who are welcome to consult with their caption providers.

Here are some links to live event captioning in action:

Day in the Life of Lorin:

Live Captioning WFD 2015:

We appreciate your response to the survey which will provide us with a picture of the state of live event captioning. No names will be used in the summary of results.

Please complete the survey by May 20th.

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