A one hour show can be captioned in two hours using Ericsson’s fastest-ever offline captioning service


Ericsson is using NAB to launch three products that contribute towards its next-generation captioning service delivery infrastructure. Snap Captions is the company’s fastest-ever offline captioning service. It can turn around captioning jobs at lightning speed: a one-hour show can be delivered in as little as two hours. This is possible using the same technology advances used to produce real-time captioning.

Subito Vault is a single, globally accessible and integrated caption production toolkit that enables cloud-based captioning workflow management, secure management of caption and proxy media files, and a complete caption file archive delivered with a client-facing API. Meanwhile the Subito Conversion and Delivery Engine takes broadcast caption files and automatically combines, offsets and converts them for optimum cross-platform output and delivery. Formats currently supported include SMPTE-TT, SAMI, TTML, EBU-TT, SRT, iTunesTT and many others.

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