Automatic captioning updates from VoiceInteraction

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April 12th 2017 at 5:01PM : By Neal Romanek

Audimus.Media and MMS Broadcast Edition are aimed at automatic captioning workflows

Speech recognition technology company VoiceInteraction will show the fifth generation of its automatic closed captioning system for live shows and breaking news and the broadcast edition of its media monitoring system at this month’s NAB.

The latest version of automatic closed captioning software Audimus.Media features several improvements, including updated versions of the American English language model and a reduction in latency time for more accurate captions during live broadcasts. The company claims the software delivers 95-98% accurate captions.

VoiceInteraction’s MMS Broadcast Edition is an integrated solution for video recording, storage and retrieval, comprising real-time tools for automatic transcription, segmentation and topic indexing of TV contents. Features include legal recording for auditing and compliance, TV ratings and advertisement identification, loudness monitoring, SEO tags’ generation, content reviewing and re-purposing based on keywords, audio, TV graphics or captions.

“In the last few years, there was an increase in demand for captioning solutions in US, but the question frequently raised by TV broadcasters relates to the accuracy levels that these solutions reach,” said VoiceInteraction CEO João Neto. “We believe that in a near future, TV Stations will migrate to automatic caption workflows and NABShow is a great place for us to show that our solutions meet their expectations and FCC regulations.”

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