Advocates hold deaf rights rally at La. state capitol

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) –Many people with hearing disabilities stood on the steps of the Capitol Thursday morning to raise awareness about the challenges deaf people face. These activists say they can have trouble adjusting to the public school system and even everyday life because of their disability.

One of the top priorities for this rally was the TV monitors at the Capitol. Advocates say there is no closed captioning on those monitors and they can’t
follow what’s going on during session.

“Suppose I decided to turn off all the voices for all the legislators in there,” said Jimmy Challis Gore. “They would be pretty frustrated because they couldn’t follow what’s going on in the legislative sessions, so it’s the same for us with captioning, and we’re here to raise awareness.”

Gore says he is talking with government officials about getting closed captioning added to the monitors and he hopes that will change soon.

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